We are Divided into 3 Parts of Services in Laptop Computer

PART 1 :

  • Submit your laptop at our CRS Computer Repair Shop
  • Available Free Laptop or PC Pickup Service
  • Request a Laptop at Home Service
  • Delivery Facility for Laptop Spares Part and computer Accessories

PART 2 :

  • CRS Never Charge for Checking the Laptop issues in Store
  • Provide New Laptop or used Laptop Quick Estimate
  • Service will be made upon customer’s requirement
  • We proceed further to FIX Laptop Fast

PART 3 :

  • Notifying to Customer repairing process
  • Scheduling the delivery time
  • Warranty assurance Receipt will be provided
  • Finally Easy Payment Method, Cash, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Pay TM.


In Some cases variable and terms will change like visiting charges, long distance, waiting time and depend on Products Sales, Services and Rentals.